Rights Respecting Schools

Rights Respecting- We are Bronze- Rights Committed!

What is a Rights Respecting School?   

  • The Rights Respecting Schools programme teaches children about ‘The Rights of the Child’, which were originally laid down by the United Nations. It encourages children to understand that all over the world children have the same rights.
  • At Manor Green we want children to learn that they have a responsibility to respect and uphold their rights and those of other children.
  • As a school we have created a School Charter to reflect the key rights that we are choosing to focus on in school. The rights on our charter are taken from some of the articles in the UNCRC. The charter is displayed in all classrooms.

Manor Green Rights Respecting Charter:


These rights and responsibilities come into all we do at Manor Green and are reflected across the curriculum and by both adults and children. Each Friday we award a ‘Star of the week’ in each class. The children are awarded a certificate linked to the coloured right that they have been respecting. Each term we also focus on one of our school rights as part of our Whole School Reward.

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