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Inspection Findings:

  • During the inspection, we agreed to look at how effectively the leadership team has monitored and evaluated the work of the school. It is clear that leadership at all levels is highly effective, resulting in pupils making rapid progress from their starting points. Your self-evaluation is accurate and clearly identifies the school’s many strengths. You and your staff are always looking to improve the school further and have clear plans for the future. This includes providing further additional support to other schools.
  • During the inspection, we examined the impact that pupil premium funding has had on disadvantaged pupils’ progress. We found that in common with other groups of pupils, disadvantaged pupils make exceptionally strong progress from their starting points. This is because staff are clear where each pupil is in their learning and carefully plan the next steps that need to be taken. Leaders and governors are rigorous in checking that all the funding is used carefully to enable disadvantaged pupils to surmount any barriers they have to their learning.
  • We agreed to examine the attendance rates of pupils at the school. This is because rates of attendance are often
    below the national average. It is clear that the school’s staff do all they can to make sure that pupils attend regularly.
    However, for some pupils, due to medical reasons, attendance is sometimes sporadic. Careful checks of the school’s records of attendance showed that pupils do not take time off school without good cause.
  • An area of focus during the inspection was how well teachers have helped pupils to make rapid progress. Teaching is highly effective and staff are accurate in knowing each pupil’s starting point. Work provided is carefully planned to meet individuals’ needs. In early years, teaching enables pupils to explore all of the areas of learning in a highly imaginative indoor and outdoor environment. In the rest of the school, including in the specialist classes, teaching is geared to maximising pupils’ potential. Many pupils read regularly both at home and school. They write extensively, including writing compelling reviews of their favourite books. In mathematics, teachers challenge pupils to solve problems related to everyday life.
  • During the inspection, we considered whether the curriculum was sufficiently enriched by appropriate activities. Pupils at this school enjoy an enormous range of activities in all subjects. Photographs around the school celebrate pupils’ performances in drama productions, sports and music festivals.
  • The effectiveness of the school’s new assessment system was also an area of focus during the inspection.
    You and your team have worked hard to create a system that assesses pupils’ starting points and subsequent steps of progress in English, mathematics, science, information technology and several other subjects. This system is highly effective and enables teachers and leaders to quickly identify and support any pupil who needs additional support. Leaders recognise that the school is still to complete the system for assessing pupils’ small steps of progress in their personal development.