Pupils are placed in chronologically aged and mixed ability classes with a team of adults who support the delivery of the National Curriculum. Throughout out years five and six children are provided with inspiring learning topics which are personalised to meet every child’s individual needs and learning style.

Our classrooms are exciting, safe and stimulating learning environments with an emphasis on creativity and cross-curricular learning.

As part of our learning journey we go on a number of educational visits, topic based theme days and take part in whole-school events to give our pupils memorable experiences that maximise learning opportunities.

A big part of our learning is providing the younger children with positive role models. The pupils in year five and six start to take on active responsibilities around the school; this can range from taking registers to being lunch time buddies. It is an important step that prepares pupils for transition to the next part of their academic career.

In year six we have a fantastic residential trip to Hindleap Warren. It is a great trip for the pupils and the children really develop their confidence. It is a real celebration of their time at Manor Green Primary just in time for our Leavers Celebrations.