Early Years Foundation Stage

Head of Early Years Foundation Stage: Claire Archer

Little Acorns and Acorns Class

The Early Years Unit is led and managed by Claire Archer and overseen by Hannah Kay. It caters for nursery and reception aged children. The classroom provides a bright, child friendly and stimulating environment where learning takes a play-based approach, with elements of structured activities. The pupils have a mixture of individual, small group and class sessions.

Little Acorns has a free flow between the indoor classroom and outdoor environment. Each child has their own learning journal that documents their progress and achievements throughout their time in the foundation stage. The journal uses a combination of pictures and observations from both school and home.

The Early Years Department at Manor Green follows the statutory Early Years Foundation Stage profile—a curriculum for children aged 0-5 years.

Acorns is an EYFS class catering for pupils with complex Autism and as such requires a high level of personalised learning with a higher staff to pupil ratio.

At Manor Green we understand that children with Autism Spectrum Continuum (ASC) achieve their potential and feel happy when their environment, learning, communication and routines are structured and personalised to meet their individual needs.