Pastoral Care & Family Partnership

The school sees the importance in developing and strengthening family partnerships. The aim of the school is to promote a close working relationship between home and school and to foster a feeling of community throughout the school.

The Assistant Headteacher is responsible for family support.

Our Higher Level Teaching Assistants, Jan Smith and Becky Bevan have the responsibility for co-ordinating and strengthening our partnership with families. We offer a supportive environment for parents and carers to come into school to meet. We also offer a variety of workshops including topics such as signing and working with challenging behaviour. These will be advertised on our weekly newsletter throughout the year.

The school organises three consultation meetings in the academic year and parents/carers are expected to attend their child’s EHCP review which is held annually.

Teachers are expected to communicate with parents and carers on a daily basis using the home/school books. Parents and carers are asked, as a minimum, to sign the book on a daily basis to acknowledge receipt of the book.