PE & Sports Premium

Sports Premium for Academic Year 2020 – 2021

1st Tranche spent £10,354

Objective 1: To develop new and existing outside areas for classroom use.

The first tranche of money was spent on Classrooms Outside areas. To resource and adapt outdoor learning environments that will encourage children to express themselves, explore their imaginations, conduct investigations, work in teams and take safe risks as world ready learners.


All pupils have access to an inclusive curriculum and all pupils have opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities (linked to the 5 areas of engagement).

2nd Tranche £7,396

Objective 2: To ensure the school playground equipment is updated and fully accessible for all of our pupils.

The second tranche of money will be used to purchase outdoor learning and physical development resources such
as new bikes and scooters to enable the pupil’s health and fitness development.


Pupils will have improved opportunities to extend PE learning (linked to the 5 areas of engagement:
socialisation, communication, attention, engagement and interest).