Governor Areas of Responsibility

  • Linked to School Improvement Plan Key Areas and also taking into account best practise from other school settings.
  • If any meetings are scheduled in area’s specified governor would be asked to attend. When a committee is needed additional governors will still be needed to fulfil statutory obligations.
  • If any specific issues / changes in policy / statutory guidance comes up in these areas specified governors to be informed
  • as part of school improvement planning process governors would ask for termly updates to progress to these SIP areas and provide support and challenge where needed.
  • Governors would look for training opportunities in these areas as directed to by Maureen in the email bulletins. (any other training that was desirable for individual governors is also fine!)
  • all Governor’s would still be emailed about all interviews and should seek to attend safer recruitment training where possible.
  • all governors would like a calendar of events from the school office as soon as practicable each

Responsibility and Governor

  • Teaching, learning and achievement: Maria
  • Curriculum: Natalie
  • School Environment, premises and risk assessment (inc. Educational Visits): Vic, Simon
  • Staffing and recruitment: Jan
  • Finances: Duncan
  • Safeguarding, welfare, behaviour and premises: Lynda

Governor Class Pairings for 2017/2018

  • classes would change each year
  • Governors would be invited to join classes for major events (Christmas lunch/winter show/creative
    week/sports day/end of year celebrations) and some educational visits.
  • Governors will be invited to join any planning meetings / department meetings pertinent to their
  • Governor’s would join these classes for any learning walks/visits they come in for
  • Governor’s will receive a termly update on the achievement and progress of learners in their class,
    which could be verbal.
  • Governor’s will be able to email class teacher directly (and vice versa!) with any questions or suggestions

Classes and their governor

  • Larch (KS2 generic): Duncan
  • Maple (KS1 generic): Natalie
  • Elm (KS1 SLD): Vic
  • Willow (KS2 specialist): Simon
  • Cherry (PMLD): Jan
  • Little Acorns (EYFS): Maria
  • Juniper (KS2 SLD): Lynda