Foundation Subjects

These comprise History, Geography, Computing, Art, Design and Technology, Languages, Music and Religious Education.


History is taught through topics to help both pupils both develop a sense of past and present in their own lives and also as a knowledge and understanding of events, famous people and daily lives in the past. Learning is supported through studying of historical artefacts, educational visits, historical theme days and access to a range of historical sources.


Geography topics develop knowledge and understanding of places and environments throughout the world. Activities include exploring the local community, collecting weather data, comparing different locations, finding out about places far away and using maps.


Art skills and creativity are developed through a wide range of termly topics. These focus on different artists, media and techniques the quality of which is reflected in the displays seen around the school.

Design and Technology

Design and Technology teaches children to plan, design and create different products. It is taught through a wide range of creative practical activities and has many cross curricular links. The children learn how to communicate their ideas, how to use different materials and how to use a range of simple tools. The learn to make choices and how to evaluate their end product. The projects are wide ranging and include making a weather station, planning a party menu, building a shelter, designing, making and testing a model bridge and making a musical instrument.

Dance and Drama

Drama is used to enhance our curriculum, develop knowledge and teach topics in a creative and fun way. Dance is taught within our PE sessions. Both drama and dance are showcased at various performances throughout the year including assemblies, our school winter production and out in the local community as part of ”Dancetime”. We encourage children to explore all aspects of the arts and have performances/workshops by external artists wherever possible.


Music is used to enhance and enrich all areas of the curriculum. It is used to engage and inspire pupils and to increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. Performing, composing and listening; this includes singing and playing instruments.


We have developed a rich curriculum that enables pupils to participate in a wide range of learning opportunities across art, music, sport, technology, maths, science and English.

Pupils can explore and develop their understanding of the wide range of cultural diversity across both their locality and the wider world.


At Manor Green, R.E. is inclusive of world faiths. We celebrate and learn about the belief systems of our children giving precedence to Christianity in line with the National Curriculum directives.

In Autumn we celebrate the festival of Divali and Hinduism, Kurban in Islam, Harvest in Judaism and Christianity and the birth of Jesus in the Nativity.

During our Spring Term we celebrate the Chinese New Year. We learn about the Old Testament stories of Joseph, Noah, Jonah and the Whale, the miracles performed by Jesus and we celebrate the miracle of His resurrection at Easter.

In Summer we learn about Buddhism and the stories in Islam.

Our learning is creative and inclusive of visits to Christian Churches, Mosques and Hindu Temples. We use art, drama, dance, cooking, visits from religious speakers, visits to Indian restaurants and wonderful assemblies which incorporate visual effects, drama, dance and stimulate the children to enjoy and understand the cultures and beliefs of different faiths.