Willow Class

Willow is a specialist class catering for pupils with complex Autism and as such requires a high level of personalised learning with a higher staff to pupil ratio.

At Manor Green we understand that children with Autism Spectrum Continuum (ASC) achieve their potential and feel happy when their environment, learning, communication and routines are structured and personalised to meet their individual needs.

We believe that a consistent approach to teaching and learning, structured classroom environments and cross-curricular use of visual supports enable the pupils to be independent and engage in learning.
Every child in the specialist classes has complex learning needs and as such requires a high level of personalised learning with a higher staff to pupil ratio. The activities throughout the school day are structured around a highly individual and personalised timetable which is child led and tailored to the child’s needs and interests.

Children in specialist classes follow a curriculum that is relevant, broad and balanced to their needs. Each class follows a thematic approach to teaching and learning which changes half termly.

In addition, children have access to a multi-sensory programmes including use of the light and sound room, sensory circuits and outdoor learning environments. All children have personal, social and emotional targets which help develop skills in expressing and exploring likes and dislikes, high interests and friendships with others.

Individual children are assessed by the Occupational Therapist for sensory integration programmes which are implemented throughout the school day. For some children hydrotherapy and rebound are key strategies used to develop physical, social and communication skills.


In Willow class we have been creatively incorporating our ‘Music Maestro’ theme into various lessons. Some of the children have been making sets by rolling a dice and dropping the corresponding number of marbles into the metal drum. Other children have been adding attributes to their PECS communication development such as colour and number. We all celebrated our Stunning Start on Wednesday with a performance from a local musician. He played many of our favourite songs such as; Ra Ra the Noisy Lion, Frozen, Jungle Book, Ed Sheeran and You’ve got a friend in me! (January 2020)

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