Maple Class

Each class has a class teacher and a minimum of 3 support staff, which are responsible for tracking the delivery of the personal learning journey and providing outstanding teaching and learning for all pupils.

Pupils are placed in chronologically aged classes and follow the National Curriculum, which is modified and personalised to meet their needs. Each class has a vibrant learning environment that promotes teaching, learning and creativity. Role play areas and displays within the class reflect the current topic being taught and celebrate children’s achievements and build on their learning. In addition all classes have shared access to an outdoor classroom, to extend learning opportunities.

Children in Lower School access the National Curriculum in an exciting, engaging and creative way, delivered by highly skilled class teams. Personalised activities such as rebound therapy, hydrotherapy, soft play, light and sound, horse riding and play therapy are offered to pupils, who
require this.

The children participate in whole school events and department events, such as Sports day, educational visits and creative workshops, that encourage working together and to provide the children with a breadth of experiences.


This week we have been celebrating black history month. We have had our own Notting Hill Carnival on the playground and had a little party in the courtyard with musical instruments, hat making and trying out different tropical fruit juices. (October 2019)

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