The school uniform is compulsory. We would recommend that each pupil be dressed for school in shoes and clothing that are uncomplicated in style, and which will enable the individual to dress/undress as independently as possible.

All pupils are expected to wear a school sweatshirt, which is bottle green and embroidered with the school logo, black or grey trousers/joggers/skirt and a white shirt/blouse and black shoes. In warmer weather polo-shirts, shorts and green gingham dresses may be more appropriate. Parents are asked to label all items of clothing.

Children can wear comfortable clothing- we can vary the school uniform to be able to allow pupils to wear comfortable clothing as we know some children with autism are very sensitive to seams, inflexible clothing or itchy fabrics

The school uniform is available to purchase from:
01293 640154

For reasons of hygiene and safety pupils will need to change for PE lessons into plimsolls, a white or green t-shirt and green or black shorts. Parents/carers are asked to provide a drawstring PE bag that is labelled. Jewellery is not permitted in school.

School reserves the right to forbid any personal belongings which could be considered to be unacceptably dangerous or against the interests of the pupils at large.