PE and Sports Premium Development Money

Sports Premium for Academic Year 2019 – 2020

Manor Green Primary School has been given money to develop sports in school. Amount: £7,350

The sports grant money was spent on Paralympic sports equipment to enable all learners to engage in physical education and develop their understanding in healthy minds, bodies and a wide range of sports.

Objective 1: To develop inclusivity in physical education, including updating our Paralympic sporting equipment.

Objective 2: To develop children’s and young people’s physical and mental health and show an impact in their assessment data.

1st Tranch
The first tranch of money was to help improve the delivery of PE to pupils requiring access to the semi-forma/pre formal curriculum. Manor Green has used the money to purchase equipment that will allow teachers to teach Paralympic sport. We now have more specialist equipment which will enable higher engagement from our pupils with complex learning needs.

2nd Tranch
The second tranch of money will be used to improve the outdoor learning opportunities for Acorns class by purchasing specialist resources. This will enable the pupils to have more opportunities to develop social, communication and physical development. This will also support the pupils to have a more active timetable.

Intended IMPACT:

  • To provide inclusive learning for all students across all aspects of the school. This is to include inclusive equipment and inclusive sporting areas.
  • Assessment data will show an incline, supporting a range of educational outcomes.
  • The evidence of impact is seen through the ongoing PE monitoring of teaching and learning and from achievement and assessment data.