PE and Sports Premium Development Money

Sports Premium for Academic Year 2019 – 2020

Manor Green Primary School has been given money to develop sports in school.

Amount: £19,083

1st Tranche spent £3623
Objective 1: To develop inclusivity in physical education, including updating our Paralympic sporting equipment.
The first tranche of money was spent on Paralympic sports equipment to enable all learners to engage in physical education and develop a more inclusive curriculum offer.

Resources were also purchased to support our Paralympic curriculum.

The additional specialist equipment will enable higher engagement from our pupils with complex learning needs.

Impact: All pupils have access to an inclusive curriculum and all pupils have opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities (linked to the 5 areas of engagement).


2nd Tranche £9988
Objective 2: To ensure that some of our youngest and most complex pupils have access to physical activities throughout the day,
The second tranche of money will be used to purchase outdoor learning physical development resources to enable the pupils to have more opportunities to develop social, communication and physical development. This will also support the pupils to have a more active timetable.
Impact: Pupils will have improved opportunities to extend PE learning ( linked to the 5 areas of engagement).


3rd Tranche £12,843
Objective 3: To develop the school playground and ensure that new equipment is fully accessible for all of out pupils.
The third tranche of money will be use to improve the school playground and ensure that it is more accessible for all pupils. More opportunities for all our pupils to make more progress in their physical development.
Impact: Pupils are making better progress in their PE development (including socialisation, communication, attention, engagement and interest)