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Assemblies include an element of collective worship: stories and themes of a moral and spiritual nature, songs and prayers


Individual achievement and staff expectation at school is high and is apparent both through the quality of displays around the school and in each pupil’s annual blue folder.

Pupils are regularly assessed throughout the year against the Foundation Stage Profile and our stages of assessment which have replaced the P Level and NC levels.

Most pupils work towards or within levels of the National Curriculum, some pupils are exempt from statutory assessment at the end of each National Curriculum Key Stage. Each year all pupils are formally reviewed across all the subjects of the National Curriculum and the Foundation Stage Curriculum,through the annual review of the EHCP procedure.

Charges for School Activities

There is very little for which you can legally be charged for at school. For further details please refer to the County booklet ‘Information For Parents’ which can be obtained from school.

From time to time the school may ask for voluntary contributions for off-site activities such as riding and swimming or school visits. School does not discriminate between those who contribute and those who are unable.

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is money used to ensure that all pupils regardless of their situation are able to access the same provision, opportunities and enrichment. We use the grant to ensure that disadvantaged pupils achieve in line with their peers.


Homework tasks are differentiated and balanced, to allow our pupils share fully in the work of the class and cater for their individual learning needs. Homework of a more formal nature may be set if this has been agreed at the Parent/Carer Consultation Evenings or at the EHCP meeting.

See our homework policy for further details.

Sex Education

Sex education in the school complies with the requirements of the Education Reform Act 1994 and the school curriculum aims to:

  • Raise students’ self-esteem and confidence, especially in their relationships with others.
  • Help students to understand their sexual feelings and behaviour so that they can lead fulfilling and enjoyable lives.
  • Develop skills, language, decision-making, choice, and assertiveness that are necessary in a range of situations.
  • Promote acceptable and appropriate behaviour in public and private situations giving practice of strategies, which reduce the risk of exploitation, misunderstanding and abuse.
  • Provide knowledge and confidence needed to be an active member of society.

A copy of the school’s policy document is available on request.

Extra Curricular Activities and Extended Schools

We offer a range of After School Clubs and work in partnership with Horsham District Council.

The extended schools programme is available to pupils in Year 1 and upwards.

Yippee Holiday Activities run throughout the school holidays.

For more information please see the website or contact them on –


Manor Green Primary school employees, those who work here as part of their training, volunteers and visitors will be responsible for maintaining confidentiality at all times.

No personal information may be divulged to third parties without reference to the Headteacher. Professional discussions within school are carried out with discretion and sensitivity.

Unauthorised Absences

The school’s attendance record for the 2017/2018 academic year is excellent at 92%. The authorised absence figure is 7.5% is reflective of our pupils’ special needs, their hospital appointments and sickness.  Unauthorised absences are very low at 0.5%.

Equal Opportunities

The whole ethos of our school contributes to a general awareness of equal opportunities and multiculturalism. All staff are involved and have a part to play in this process.

An effective policy for the school can only be achieved by raising awareness and continued review of good practice. The school has a social, moral, cultural and spiritual policy which can be viewed at any time.