16th December 2016 newsletter

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We hope you all enjoyed the Winter Shows – there are some on the back of this newsletter. DVD’s are now available at a cost of £8.00, and are selling fast!! If you would like a copy please pick up an order form from the office.

We are trying to build up a big box of transport toys and vehicles to be used at playtimes. If you have anything suitable at home that aren’t loved anymore please could you donate it to us so that it can be loved here instead!

After school clubs will begin again on Tuesday 10th January – you should have received a paper or electronic copy of the letter alongside this newsletter.

On Thursday the lower school staged a Nativity Play for the rest of the school. They were joined by some children from the choir at Holy Trinity School. The children from Holy Trinity loved it here so much they wanted to stay.

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. The first couple of days back in the new year will be inset training days – the children don’t return to school until Thursday 5th January. There will be a further inset day just before half term on Friday 17th February.

Happy Birthday to you

Aiden, Maheera, Brandon, Saim, Jasmine, Alan, Adam, Blaine, Rhys, Oliver, and Aaron all have birthdays during the Christmas
Holidays – we hope you all have a lovely day.